What Do Worship Leaders, Bands and Musicians Need?

(Photo from City Church Tallahassee)

David Spencer wrote an article for ChurchDirectory.ca that is helping Canadian Christian Churches better understand and serve bands, musicians and worship leaders.

In the year 2010, he posted a survey here that asked questions such as:

  1. Where do your connect and meet?
  2. How can churches help you?
  3. Do you have a prayer team to support your ministry?
  4. Do you need some financial support?

Responses to the survey can be found in the comments section below.


  1. I've given up on trying to connect with Christian musicians.

    In my experience I have found that Christian musicians aren't willing to sacrifice all of their time in creating a product that is worth more than what the world gives. We're talking about making music to The Alpha and Omega, The Creator of This Universe.

    How many times in church environments have I heard" We're doing this for God, it will be good enough" What kind of attitude is this??? If you're not willing to die for what you believe then just don't do it. It's about the condition of the heart. To many so called "Christian musicians" they think it is all about them.

    Real musicians are rare in Christian circles. Real musicians suffer greatly in church environments. They are ridiculed, used, burnt out and thrown on the way side to be tramped over like dirt.

    I am foremost a Soldier in Christ Army, a Son of the living God a servant made by Christ's blood, and I await the day, when all churches will be united not separated by denominations or petty differences.

    Wake up people!! A house cannot stand if it is divided!!

    Your Brother in Christ

    Daniel Camber,

    Drummer and percussionist

  2. I can understand what Daniel is saying and feeling. I am a songwriter and I write some great Christian songs, but it seems when someone local decides they want to record a Christian CD, they go elsewhere for songs.

    They will record songs that have been recorded by major artist or songs that are in public domain so they don't have to pay royalties. It is discouraging, but like Jesus said in the Bible, "a prophet is with out honour in his own town".

  3. This converstion is very therapeutc.

    There's so much to learn and so much God wants to teach.

    And so Many things and variables that we don't understand.

    One of the main issues that I have noticed is financial. God does regulate and bless fairly / biblical pricipals. However, people are not always obediant to His voice.

    I believe many people quit because of that. We need some kind of wake up call for churches to support the more serious Christian artist … whether its local /inter / world / street ect. People will support third world countries / for poverty ect which is great /but music ministry gets manipulated / and underpaid.

    Some churches don't have the money. This is a very touchy topic to talk about.

    Through the years I'm thinking some artists/worship leaders may need backing from interested people who are willing to invest in marketing and support.

    These are my thoughts that I have learned through 20 years of ministry.

    I grew up in a nominal christian home. God has called Me to ministry.

    Thank You. Blessings!

    Carey B. Grant

  4. Yes, I totally agree with Carey Grant's observation. The Book of Nehemiah

    says that the singers/musicians are to be taken care of, just like the

    priests – because they ARE priests.

    It is still grossly misunderstood the purpose, position, responsibility and power of the artist called by God. It's been my main frustration over the years.

    Carey, I thank God that you continued in spite of the lack. You are blessed

    my friend.

    Michelle Sim

    Northern Praise Ministries, Inc.

  5. The gospel music musician world is in huge trouble. And our Churches are

    entirely at fault. Think about it, back in the 60's and 70's we were blessed

    with an abundance of great gospel groups on a regular basis.

    The Pastors of yesteryear were Godly men who were fully respectful of warriors who unselfishly have up their home life and family time to live out on the road and lug suitcases around!

    They would invite the singers to come and minister to their congregations and cheerfully pay them their rightful honorarium!

    Back then our home Church had 500 people, one senior Pastor, one Assistant Pastor, and one Secretary! Today over 30 years later, that same Church has only 550 people, about 4 Pastors, 3 Secretaries, and a three day workweek to boot!

    Most of the general fund is now used up in "administration". Go figure! This is why Churches of today are not bringing in outside talent. They use all of the money up on themselves, ha!

    How about that? Their excuse when asked about why they don't bring in many singers anymore is "we've got so much local talent right in our congregation, that there is no need to look elsewhere" What they are doing is lying to themselves! It is a disgrace what is taking place now!

    There was a time in my late teens where I fell away from the Lord, and to be honest what really helped to bring me back was the sweetest memories of some of the greatest gospel hymns and songs that I would remember and sing when I was all alone, down and put!

    And this is what the Church is throwing away now! Lord help us!

    Timothy Bell

  6. I'm persuaded worship leaders should receive a stipend for their trouble To pay all of the musicians could be prohibitive, especially in a smaller Church – which is the majority of Churches in Canada.

    Besides this, all within the Church are gifted in one way or another to edify the Church and I don't think it would be seriously considered that all should be financially compensated! Having said that..musicians do tend to practice during the week and come in early to rehearse, therefore let them enjoy coffee and snacks for their trouble. It's obviously not much but it acknowledges their efforts.

    And if they seek to grow their ministry to a full time vocation let them be encouraged (not discouraged)! However, if the Church involved is a "mega-Church" that makes money off the backs of the musicians they should be compensated.

    Dave Duchene

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