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Public Improv Grand Central Station in New York

Over 200 people freeze in place on cue in Grand Central Station in New York.

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What Do Worship Leaders, Bands and Musicians Need?

David Spencer wrote an article that is helping Canadian Christian Churches better understand and serve bands, musicians and worship leaders. Where do your connect and meet? How can churches help you? Do you have a prayer team to support your ministry? Do you need some financial support? Please help us by filling out the following […]

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Do you play any instruments ?

You’ve been asked that question. I enjoy listening to and performing music. In addition to the radio, I also play: accordion acoustic guitar (1987 Takamini cut-a-way) electric bass (1973 Fender Precision) harmonica (Hohners in key of A,C,D,E,F,G) keyboard (1924 Heinzman & Co. piano, 1988 Roland U-20 synth) organ (grew up on a Yamaha B-12-1R) I […]

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